preventing carpet mold in a home

Carpet mold is a common problem in both residential and commercial buildings and it leads to tarnishing the look of the carpet as well as causing health problems. The mold grows gradually on the carpet and it is common practice among people to ignore it until it reaches an alarming level. Therefore, there is a need to take preventive measures in order to keep the carpet clear of mold and avoid any damage to it in the long run.

Causes of Carpet Mold and Health Hazards

The carpets in damp places are more likely to be affected by mold since there are more humidity and moisture in such places. However, moisture and humidity are present in common buildings as well due to which the carpet mold grows there as well. Researchers have also found that the dirt and other particles, which settle in the carpet over the course of time result in the accumulation of mold. Mold can cause health issues for people and especially those who have allergies. The byproducts of mold commonly known as mycotoxins result is a wide range of health complications in people. It is, therefore, necessary to clean the carpet mold, as well as your air ducts and upholstery, while at the same time take measures to prevent it in the future.

Best ways to prevent the mold from growing on the Carpets

Preventing mold from growing on your carpets require taking steps in advance so that the mold does not find habitable conditions for growing. This requires the need to study the conditions under which the mold thrives and make curb on them. Four best ways of preventing the mold from growing on your carpets are as follows:

  1. Humidity Control: It is extremely necessary to keep the humidity levels low. Humidity levels up to 65% is considered optimum for preventing the mold from growing. If the humidity levels of your home or commercial building are greater than this then it is recommended to use a dehumidifier.
  2. Temperature Control: It is necessary to control the temperature of the home or commercial building as it is one of the factors on which the growth of mold depends. Keeping temperature below 85 F will keep the mold from growing. You can use an effective HVACR system to regulate the temperature.
  3. Keeping Carpets Clean: In order to prevent the mold from finding a suitable habitat in your carpets, it is necessary to keep your carpets clean. Clean carpets, which are void of dust and impurity particles, will be less likely to be affected by mold. It is, therefore, advisable to regularly vacuum clean the mold and use other carpet cleaning methods such as dry cleaning or hot water extraction to kill off the stains.
  4. Using Synthetic Carpet Materials: It has been found out in researches conducted by scientists that mold is more likely to grow on organic compounds such as wool instead of synthetic items e.g. nylon or olefins. Synthetic polymers do not provide a suitable habitat for the carpet mold to grow.    


Hence, regularly following the techniques above will prevent your carpet from getting affected by mold while at the same time safeguarding you from health disorders.

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