We all want a neat and clean house. However, most of us suffer from dirty kitchen and furniture and messy sinks. 
We try our best to make our houses look spectacular. However, some techniques just do not work. You will search online about the best cleaning hacks. However, when you try to apply them, the results may not be satisfying.
To make sure that you will not be trapped into this mess, we offer you this guide. Here are the top popular cleaning techniques that are not worth trying.

1. Hair Spray asa Stain Removal:
• Hair sprays do not contain alcohol anymore. The old hair sprays used to contain alcohol and people loved this constituent.
The recent hair sprays do not contain alcohol as they used to.
If you live alone, your mom probably told you to use hair sprays to remove stains. Remember, it is not that era anymore.
• Since this trick can be terrible to fabrics, we have found another trick, which is the use of special formulas to remove stains. Each stain is unique so search for the best way to remove the stain you have.

2. Hot Water Is the Best Killer for Germs:
• Most people think that hot water can kill all types of organisms. However, this is a wrong misconception. People pour hot water over contaminated surfaces and think they are safe.
It takes about 212 degrees F to kill the germs. This is an extremely high temperature. It also takes a lot of time to kill the germs with boiling water.
The heaters in our houses make the water reach a temperature of 120 degrees F maximum.
• Okay, hot water does not work alone. However, it is essential in the cleaning process. Just add chlorine bleach or phenyl solution to the water and start wiping down the surfaces.
In addition, use this mixture when you smell bad odors in your kitchen. Whatever you are going to add to the water, it will work as a disinfectant.

3. Coca-Cola Can Work as a Great Toilet Cleaner:
• Coca-cola and other carbonated drinks do not work as cleaning agents; they are just made to drink with food; nothing more.
Coca-cola and other carbonated drinks contain citric and phosphoric acids. However, you need a huge amount of these drinks to work effectively as cleaning agents.
What really happens is that these drinks work as food for the bacteria because they leave sticky residues over the surfaces of the toilet.
• Use the effective disinfectants made especially for the toilets. They are the best and most effective. Get more info about how to effectively perform the grout cleaning process here.

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