Performing the HVAC System cleaning in building

HVAC System cleaning is among the most important cleaning processes that the homeowners or building managers should perform on regular basis. The HVAC systems are usually installed in both commercial and domestic buildings and they circulate air to all parts of the building. In this way, if the HVAC system is not properly cleaned then the contaminated air that will circulate from it to all parts of the building will lead to health issues for the residents, including possible mold or water damage. It has been studied that if a building has access to fresh air, the residents suffer lesser stress and depression related issues as compared to those where access to fresh air is not available. An uncleaned HVAC also tends to malfunction more frequently and severely as compared to a well-managed and cleaned system. 

HVAC System Cleaning

It should be stated that there are different parts of an HVAC system. The furnace duct or the tube is most apparent part of it. A comprehensive HVAC system cleaning means cleaning all parts of the HVAC system using the modern and professional cleaning methods (remember to cover your upholstery items). This will not only ensure the better working of the system but will also lead to the circulation of fresh and contaminated free air in the building. Understandably performing the comprehensive HVAC system cleaning process is time consuming, difficult and costly. Though this is why it should be performed at least once in three months.

Cleaning Different Parts of HVAC System

According to NADCA, all the following parts of the HVAC System need to be cleaned once in a while so that the HVAC system keeps on performing at its best. The parts that need cleaning are as under:

  1. Air Ducts
  2. Coils
  3. Blower Motor And Assembly
  4. Grills
  5. Air Plenum
  6. Heat Exchanger
  7. Drain Pan
  8. Registers
  9. Air Cleaner
  10. Air Filter

Among the parts mentioned above, cleaning air ducts, coils, heat exchanger, air cleaner and air filters is most important. These parts are most exposed during the working process. HVAC System Cleaning cannot be complete until these parts have been cleaned. In case possible other parts such as grills or grout, motor and drain pan may also be thoroughly cleaned. Standard methods are available at the disposal of the professionals who should be able to do a thorough job. It should also be checked that if a certain part of the HVAC system needs to be replaced then it should. The air filter of the HVAC system should be changed regularly as recommended so that fresh air circulates in the building.

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