How to effectively perform the Grout Cleaning Process

Grout cleaning in the kitchen before and after

Grout cleaning process has to be performed in buildings where the floor finishing has been done with the help of tiles. The area between the tiles, which is usually filled with mortar or paste, is called grout. This area is mostly neglected because of its small size and not enough effort is made for its cleaning. It is also one of those parts in the building, which are most susceptible to getting dirty. All sorts of dirt and insects can accumulate in the grout area resulting in damaging the look of the floor as well as causing health hazards. It is, therefore, extremely necessary to give special attention to grout area when the floor cleaning is being carried out or separate grout cleaning process may be performed.

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Supplies needed for Performing Grout Cleaning Process

The process for cleaning grout area is easy and anyone with some basic understanding will be able to perform it. However, it is a small area between the tiles and also spread all over the floor. This will make the process tedious and time taking. Some supplies are required in order to efficiently perform the cleaning process, just like doing a furnace duct cleaning. A list of such supplies are listed as below:

  1. Baking Soda or Soap: These are the best household cleaning agents, which can take care of the grout cleaning requirements as well.  
  2. Hot Water: It will be required as a medium to apply the cleaning agent. Hot water itself works well in removing dirt and insects from the grout area. It won’t cause any water damage or mold problems
  3. Broom or a sponge: These will be required in order to remove the dirt and filth stuck in the grout area.
  4. Lemon Juice, Vinegar and Essential Oil: These items help in effectively removing all sorts of dirt from the grout. Then it rehabilitates its original look.

Procedure for Grout Cleaning

In order to perform the grout cleaning process, first make the cleaning solution to be applied to the area. Then cover or remove any furniture or upholstery in the room. Next, divide the floor into sections so that all parts can be uniformly cleaned. Start from one end of the floor by applying the cleaning solution along with hot water. Let the cleaning solution work for a few minutes. Then start to rub the grout area with the help of a sponge. Keep on rubbing until a fresh look of the area appears. Apply lemon juice or some essential oil, in order to get an original look. 

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