How to perform the Furnace Duct Cleaning process

Furnace Duct Cleaning process

Furnace Duct Cleaning is a comprehensive process, which involves the cleaning of various parts of the furnace. Over the course of time, various kinds of impurities, contaminants, and allergens settle in the furnace duct leading to massive damage to the duct itself and health hazards in the building. It has been found out that unclean ducts also adversely affect the working efficiency of the system. If they are affected by pathogens, they may end up doing more harm than good. Therefore, experts in the cleaning industry recommend regularly performing the furnace duct cleaning process.

When to perform the Furnace Duct Cleaning Process?

Performing the furnace duct cleaning process may be expensive since you may need the help of professionals for this purpose. It is, therefore, advisable to make sure the best time to opt for cleaning. Some of the signs, which may assist you in determining the right time, are as follows:

  1. Animals and insects: If you detect the presence of animals in your duct, it may be in need of a thorough cleaning. Animals and insects habitat the duct when they find a suitable environment here.
  2. Mold: If you find mold growing inside the furnace, it is the most appropriate time to get the furnace cleaned. Mold can result in serious health hazards for the people inside the building.
  3. Contaminants: In the case when there is the presence of a large number of contaminants in the duct, it is in need of a furnace cleaning process.
  4. Renovation: If you have recently performed upholstery or home renovations then the dust and contaminant particles may end up setting in the duct, which will have to be cleaned.  
  5. Illness in the home: If the people of the building are undergoing illnesses or allergies then it is a sign that the furnace duct is not cleaned. Get help when the illness prevails among the inhabitants of the building.

Performing the Furnace Duct Cleaning Process

A wide variety of equipment and chemicals may be required in order to thoroughly perform the furnace duct cleaning process. Some of the common processes involved in the cleaning are as follows:

  1. Vacuum Cleaning of the Duct: The first step is the thorough vacuum cleaning of the duct. This will help in removing the dust and impurity particles from the duct. The vacuuming should be performed with the help of a long hose cleaner. Both ends of the duct should be cleaned.
  2. Unsettling the Contamination: In order to properly clean the duct, it is first necessary to break the contamination loose inside. This can be done with the help of brushes, compressed air nozzles, whips etc. Once the contaminations have been unsettled, they can be vacuum cleaned.
  3. Removing insects and animals: Some chemical may be required in order to kill the insects and animals inside the ducts. Afterward, they can be removed with the help of vacuum cleaner and brushes.
  4. Antimicrobial Cleaning: Microbial elements quickly grow inside the duct and cause health problems. They may require the use of special chemicals and equipment for cleaning.

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