Tips to clean furniture with Upholstery Cleaner

upholstery cleaner on furniture

There are various kinds of upholstery cleaner available in the market, which employ different techniques to clean the upholstery. The routine cleaning of upholstery involves the removal of dust particles while the stains and odor removal is required on an as-needed basis.

While the dust particles can be removed through the regular vacuum cleaning of upholstery, different cleaning methods or upholstery cleaner machines or shampoos may be used when there are severe stains. The common stains, which badly damage the outlook of upholstery are coffee stains, oil stains, fruit juice stains, grass stains, make up stains etc.

The recommended cleaning method depends upon the material of the upholstery covers and the types of stains. In case the fibers of the cover are long, then the stains are expected to be deeper and a more strong detergent will be required. While in cases when the fibers are small, then the stains will be on the surface. Similarly, if the stains are fresh, it will be easy to remove them while in case the stains are old, it will be difficult to remove them and a more strong detergent will be required to remove them. Below we will discuss a few methods and upholstery cleaner machines to address the issues:

Cleaning Upholstery with Liquid Shampoo

Cleaning upholstery with liquid shampoo is most popular method since it is easy, economical and anyone with little knowledge can apply it. After determining the nature of the stains, choose a liquid shampoo that will work the best. Now, apply the warm water on the dirty areas of upholstery and start scrubbing the area. At the moment, apply the liquid shampoo which will kill the stains by breaking their bond with the upholstery fibers. Let the upholstery dry for a few hours.

Cleaning with a Machine

A number of popular machines have been manufactured in order to clean the upholstery affected by dust or severe stains. These machines have chambers where water can be added along with a shampoo formula. It is recommended to first apply the machine at an area that is not apparently visible to observers in order to test its effect on the color of the carpet. If everything is fine, apply the machine on the upholstery. Start from one end and move it to the other. Once the formula has been applied, use the pads to scrub the affected areas. Once the stains have been removed, let the upholstery dry for a few hours.

Upholstery Shampoo with Built-in-Scrubber

A number of upholstery shampoos are available that come with a scrubber. In order to clean the upholstery, you can use these small machines to apply the formula and use the scrubber that comes with it to remove the stains. It is one of the most innovative and economical upholstery cleaner.

Cleaning Upholstery with a Vacuum Cleaner

While removing the stains is a tedious process, it is easy to regularly apply the vacuum cleaner on the upholstery to protect it from dust. Regular vacuum cleaning keeps the upholstery clean and provides a good look to it. It is recommended to apply the vacuum cleaner, especially in the commercial environment regularly.    

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